Zoom: Good Culture Leads to Good Products


Zoom Video Communications is a conferencing platform that brings companies together through video and audio communication, chats, and webinars.  They earned the #2 spot on both Forbes’ and Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2019.  Their successful customer-first culture is fueled by their desire to deliver happiness to their employees.

Each Zoom location has a Happiness Crew that spearheads the company’s employee engagement efforts.  This team organizes office events, such as Bring Your Parent To Work Day, Bring Your Kid to Work Day, and Zoom Olympics.  These events help coworkers get to know one another on a more personal level.  The Happiness Crew also arranges volunteer opportunities, allowing Zoom-ers to serve side-by-side and make a difference in their community.  One of the fun traditions they have started is each time an employee volunteers at a community event, they get a rubber ducky to display on their desk.

Zoom recognizes the importance of helping their employees grow in their careers by investing in their professional development.  New hires are provided with a mentor who can teach them all about Zoom’s one of a kind culture and vision.  Each team member also participates in all-hands quarterly meetings at each office, a great time for building culture, community, and morale.  At these meetings, everyone is encouraged to share a story about a coworker they think has made a difference.  When asked why they love where they work, one Zoom-er replied, “Because of the amazing opportunity, the incredible leadership team, and the people.  Zoom has truly been a number of steps above anywhere I have worked in the past.  You can tell we are up to something special and from the top down, no one is left behind.”

CEO Eric Yuan, who was named Glassdoor’s #1 CEO in 2018 with an unprecedented 99% employee approval rating, claims you cannot separate company culture from product development.  “The product is like the outcome of your company culture, right?  If you do not have a great culture, occasionally you might develop a good product.  However, that’s not sustainable.  Very soon, you are not enlisting new customers.  You try to add some features you think is right.  The customer may not like it.  That’s why culture is the number one thing.  The product is sort of the outcome of that.”

As Yuan continues to prioritize delivering happiness to his Zoom-ers, they are motivated to work their hardest to make Zoom a the best it can possibly be for customers.  As a result, customers are likely to recommend Zoom to friends and family based on their positive experience.  Zoom then continues to grow as a business, a product of a carefully cultivated culture of happiness.





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