Who We Serve

At Culture Spark, we partner with business leaders who recognize and desire the advantages of a strong culture.

Most business owners and their leaders often wonder why their people don’t understand what’s important or where they’re headed. Culture Spark helps these leaders articulate their vision and strategy, so employees are inspired to achieve it.

Why We Serve

Culture Spark’s founder, Sheryl Lyons recounts from her own past CEO experience, “When the wrong people were on the team, it created huge distraction and frustration through out the organization, which was reflected in the company’s performance.”

The challenges she and many other executives face are universal:

  • Owner’s vision doesn’t translate into action for all employees
  • Competing priorities and lack of focus impede progress
  • Leadership teams lack cohesion and accountability
  • Promises to customers go unfulfilled
  • Unclear goals put focus on fighting fires rather than planning ahead
  • Measures for business success are undefined
  • People issues go unaddressed and unresolved, impacting the work environment
  • Individual leader’s potential is undirected and unfulfilled
When the right people were on the bus, in the right seats, inspired by a clear and achievable vision, running a business was fun, rewarding, and extremely profitable. Culture Spark’s methodology provides the direction to help companies shed their distractions, focus their teams’ energy and empower their leadership teams to ignite their true potential

Core Values

Culture Spark Team Members are


Secure in yourself, strength and opportunities


Give the gift of open, honest feedback


Excite and inspire others by the enthusiasm you show for your craft


Accountable to yourself and others, holding others accountable


Counter challenge and struggle with vigor and optimism

Company Background

Culture Spark ignited in 2015 out of a recognized growing need for greater clarity and execution among leaders in entrepreneurial organizations. Sheryl Lyons saw from her own executive leadership experience, and from nearly 20 years working with owners in varied industries that businesses struggle in the same ways.

Lyons found that momentum works both ways- positive and negative- and that positive momentum was much easier to maintain when following a structured, repeatable methodology she named Ignite. By following the cycle and incorporating each of the deliberately defined component parts of a company’s culture, leadership teams more easily set and achieve company goals, accelerate their own growth as leaders, and learn how to manage culture as competitive advantage.

Culture Spark was started to help leaders inspire their people to find purpose and belonging in their work, be-cause when people love what they do, their lives, their companies, and this world is a better place.

Ready to spark a change?