Our Methodology – Ignite

Company culture is difficult to define and is often derived intrinsically as the amalgamation of the personality traits and professional experiences of the owner. Culture Spark helps leaders break culture down into its component parts, allowing business owners to assess and set goals for each individual component, resulting in a comprehensive company culture that resonates with the entire workforce, ultimately impacting company performance.

Ignite involves an ongoing cultural exploration, thoughtful construction and implementation of culture components and leadership techniques that support organizational transformation.

With Ignite, clients receive the tactics, tools, direction and support they need to build and sustain culture as competitive advantage.

Let’s Take a Deeper Look into Ignite

Culture Spark’s methodology, called Ignite, simplifies the complex steps involved in achieving “culture as competitive advantage”. Ignite is a combination of assessment, planning, deliberate construction of individual culture components, then developing customized tools and management practices that keep it all working together.

Align It!

1.Assessment – Businesses go through the same lifecycle stages from start up and rapid growth to stagnation and decline. Each phase presents its own unique business and cultural challenges as well as opportunities. Culture Spark assesses where each client is on this business spectrum and tailors a customized project plan based on results of the assessment.

2.Planning – Culture must be deliberately constructed to align the employee experience to the desired customer experience, so clarity of the company’s competitive positioning must be crystal clear. The planning stage is all about the business strategy and understanding how and why a company is successful, so culture can support long-term business objectives.

Advance It!

1.Deliberate Construction of Components – With the alignment phase delivering crystal-clear clarity of market position and business direction, next comes building individual culture components around that message.

2.Custom Tools – In this phase, culture components are woven into people practices and systems. Leaders learn to translate market position and competitive advantage to their people in terms of behavior. When the behaviors that promote profitability are identified, those behaviors then drive the entire employee lifecycle.

Live It!

Management Practices – This is the skin that holds all the insides together and establishes a culture’s living pulse. Management practices and rhythms get wrapped around all previously developed culture components and tools to ensure lasting effect. These practices increase clarity, communication, and accountability. They help leaders more easily set and achieve their goals year after year and grow functional managers into inspiring leaders.

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