Culture Spark helps leaders build culture as competitive advantage.

Does Your Company Need a Spark?


Culture Spark helps leaders build culture as competitive advantage. We do this by deliberately constructing and fostering a company culture of purpose, clarification and accountability that improves performance.


Competitive Advantage?

When a company’s employee experience is aligned with the customer experience

When company culture encourages behaviors that promote profit

When a company learns how to set and achieve goals better than its competitors

Turning Culture into a

Competitive Advantage

Our Ignite Methodology involves:

  • an ongoing cultural exploration
  • a thoughtful construction and implementation of culture components
  • leadership techniques that support organizational transformation

Transforming Ordinary Managers into

Extraordinary Leaders

Coaching accelerates leadership development by providing a dedicated space for individual leaders to:

  • examine and explore possibilities
  • evaluate solutions to their challenges
  • make decisions on how to achieve their goals
  • formulate their authentic leadership style

The Impact of Culture As a Competitive Advantage

The result is a business strategy truly aligned with the people executing it, igniting a positive impact on hiring, retention, productivity, team work and ultimately, financial performance.

Ready to spark a change?