What is Culture?

A set of beliefs and behaviors that rally a team toward a common goal

The sum of employees’ perceptions

The intrinsic qualities of a company that provide strategic clarity while building customer and employee loyalty

Culture As A Competitive Advantage

Culture Spark helps leaders build business environments their people love and cultures that bring competitive advantage. We do this by deliberately constructing a company culture of purpose, clarity, accountability and performance.

Why be deliberate? Because company culture is being built with or without management’s involvement!

If culture is not deliberately defined, articulated, and serving as guideposts for business strategy and everyday actions, it is likely being hijacked and influenced by the most negative employees. Culture becomes the rumor mill, and the sum of employees’ perceptions of company, managers, and environment.

So how do you build a culture deliberately? It begins with an honest look at the current state and a lofty vision for the future. It takes a dedicated and cohesive team with unrelenting discipline to the methodology. It takes hard work, accountability, and a little soul searching. The result can ignite great positive change that impacts hiring, retention, productivity, satisfaction, teamwork, and ultimately, financial performance.

Who We Serve

Business leaders who recognize and desire the advantage of a strong culture. And, they are secure and self-aware enough to change their own behavior and their organization’s behavior to achieve it!

Why We Serve

Most business owners and their leaders often wonder why their people don’t understand what’s important or where they’re headed. Culture Spark helps these leaders articulate their vision and strategy so employees are inspired to achieve it.

While there is no one secret weapon that works universally, Culture Spark firmly believes that when using a methodology like ours, when strategy is properly aligned with leadership, it establishes a culture that truly creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

Culture Spark’s founder, Sheryl Lyons recounts from her own past CEO experience, “When the wrong people were on the team, it created huge distraction and frustration throughout the organization, which was reflected in the company’s performance. But when the right people were on the bus, in the right seats, inspired by a clear and achievable vision, running a business was fun, rewarding, and extremely profitable.  Culture Spark’s methodology provides the direction to help companies shed their distractions and empower their leadership teams so they can reach their true potential and really take off!”

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