Set Goals

Houston Texas – 11/11/2016
If you’re bored with life…you don’t have enough goals.
-Lou Holtz

I’m a founding member of a wonderful, closed networking group that’s been together over five years.  I remember

our first December together we decided to share our goals for the coming year in our formal meeting.  I loved the idea of making our business and personal goals public.  When you share your goals, you’re more inclined to reach them because of the built-in accountability and support a group brings.  We feel we’re all part of the journey, offering encouragement and celebrating each other’s successes along the way.

One of our members, a supremely successful and disciplined owner of a wealth management firm, brought his 25-year goal sheet- a matrix covering a whole page packed full of action items and goals.  Looking at my five bullet points for the coming year, I suddenly felt shamed!  He was squeezing so much more out of life than I, and he has twice as many children as I have.  He knew what vacations would be taken when, when the family’s vehicles would be purchased, the first child goes to college, how he and his wife would celebrate milestone birthdays and anniversaries, it was amazing!  He inspired me to be more aggressive with my goals, and get more out of every year.

Each year I now greatly enjoy the process of setting and documenting both personal and business goals, and every year, I challenge myself to be more aggressive, and believe all that is possible.

Thank you, Mr. Chris Manske for that inspiration.  Carpe diem!

That’s our spark, what’s yours?