Zurixx: Investment in People


In 2018, Zurixx, a Utah-based company that provides financial education to individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in the areas of business growth and management, asset protection, real estate and personal finances, was named the #1 company culture in Entrepreneur’s medium category.

Just a quick glance at their website and their outstanding reviews reveals that the foundation of their business and the root of their success is the commitment and dedication of their employees.  A closer look uncovers the fact that this loyalty is simply a return on Zurixx’s investment in their people.

The in-office masseuse, the team lounges, and the free meals are all great perks, but what really earns Zurixx employees’ dedication is the investment management makes in their personal growth.  They strive to provide support and encouragement tailored to each individual’s needs, and take the time to celebrate their achievements at company lunches, events, and winter and summer retreats.  Zurixx encourages work/life balance, or “life/work balance” as they call it by allowing flexible work hours and telecommute options as well as paid sick leave.  They also turn their focus away from their own prosperity and focus on the needs in their community by volunteering as a team and making donations to local charities.

“I enjoy the camaraderie we all share, the friendships, and the feeling that we are all one family working for a common goal.  I love our work environment and that we are all trusted to get our jobs done and held responsible for doing so,” says Rob, who handles event management and office operations at Zurixx. “I am honored and feel very privileged to be a part of an organization where our owners are not only committed to the success of the business but also to the success of each individual within the company.  We provide opportunity for individual growth in the workplace and in our individual lives.  It is extremely satisfying to be a part of a company that has given so much to our employees, their families and the community through charitable contributions and service.  One of my favorite things about working at Zurixx is that every day is different and I get to work with my best friends.”





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