What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is a commonly misunderstood concept in the business world. Entrepreneurs and business owners may think they have a strategic plan in place simply because they have goals and a general idea of how to attain them, but it’s so much more than that. 

Strategic Planning Explained

Strategic Planning is is a crucial discipline for leadership teams to adopt if they haven’t already. Strategic planning is a way for leaders to step out of the day-to-day activities of running the business in order to focus on long-term strategy and ask themselves, “Are the day-to-day activities aligned with long-term objectives? Why or why not? What adjustments need to be made?” It’s a way to step back and honestly assess performance, priorities and problems so you can be deliberate about course-correcting.

Without strategic planning, decisions can lack direction, and daily tasks often lack purpose. Time and energy are wasted on endeavors that do not align with your company’s mission and vision. Investing the necessary resources in strategic planning upfront can bring peace of mind by providing strategies and skills to help your company reap dividends for years to come.

Get Started!

Engage Culture Spark to conduct a unique facilitated Strategic Planning Session with your team to reassess and realign your goals.

Forward-looking strategy formulation can make the difference between a profitable business and one that stagnates.  In this session, executive leaders are expertly escorted through the strategic planning process from the basics of strategy formulation to the complexities involved in its execution.

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