Unlocking Potential Through Cultural Alignment

Cultural alignment involves complete buy-in, time, and, most importantly, enthusiasm for your company to be its best. There will be setbacks and frustrations as the company’s culture changes, but pressing on through these challenges shows the transformative power of Culture as Competitive Advantage. We caught up with Chase Herell, CEO and Co-Founder of Coalition, to reflect on the five-year collaboration with Culture Spark’s Founder and President, Sheryl Lyons. As our longest-standing client, Coalition’s reflections and perspectives on our partnership highlight the enduring impact of Culture Spark.

Introducing Coalition:

Coalition is a group of companies with a common executive team providing specialty chemicals manufacturing, consulting, and sourcing services across North America. In 2020, the companies started to experience exponential growth and the challenges that accompanied it. The executive team had to form, mature, and succeed quickly. 

Chase Herell reflects, “Based on the experience I had at previous companies, deliberately developing our culture at Coalition became a top priority. I knew we needed to find an expert to guide and lead this effort, and we found the perfect fit with Sheryl.”

Igniting Change:

Sheryl applied her expertise to develop the organizational structure and a formula for building Coalition’s executive team. She helped shape the team’s management practices to promote transparency and accountability. She accelerated the leadership development of many first-time executives and managers through candid feedback, clear direction, and continuous encouragement. She worked on a multi-faceted approach to create a company-wide culture:

Leadership Structure:

Leadership within Coalition learned that fast growth means wearing multiple hats, and knowing when to hire to spread the load. Consistent rhythms were instituted to provide structure and a predictable cadence for those in leadership positions.

Manager’s Group Coaching:

Sheryl offered recurring group-coaching sessions with peer managers to grow their leadership skills together, allowing them to learn from one another’s real-life challenges and build commitment around their explored solutions. The iterative cadence of group coaching allowed for ongoing support, timely follow-up, and accountability.

360 Degree Reviews:

Lastly, Sheryl led leaders through 360 Degree Reviews. Chase Herell described his team’s experience:

The Results:

Over a five-year collaboration, Sheryl’s tools and processes have allowed Coalition leaders to grow effectively and quickly along with the company, while enjoying the success that comes with tremendous growth. Coalition team member Kristy Roberts reflects:

Sheryl’s influence was felt by everyone, from employees to top leadership. Chase Herell, CEO and Co-Founder at Coalition summarized the company’s experience this way:

Whether your company is just starting out, growing, or established, culture drives business. Sheryl combines her knowledge of business and people to create a culture that drives performance. If your company is in need of a cultural shift, Culture Spark is here to help!

That’s our spark, what’s yours?