Translate Vision into Action for All Employees

South Central Electric, LLC (SCE) was referred to Sheryl Lyons by John Crabb of 90 MPH. SCE provides superior, multi-family electrical contracting services for general contractors, owners, and developers. SCE has grown tremendously since the company was started five years ago. As a member of John’s Pit Crew, Sheryl facilitated Vision and Values Discovery in a 1-day workshop with 90 MPH. It was intended to be a short-term project with the goal of delivering a compelling Company Vision and Core Values.

Development of Vision and Values

During the 1-day off-site planned by Culture Spark, Sheryl ushered the SCE team through several targeted exercises that explored the driving beliefs and principles of the owner from many different angles.

  • How did the beliefs of the owner extend to the leadership team?
  • What was the undercurrent of the company’s existing yet unarticulated culture?
  • What behaviors led to success at SCE?

From there, the team explored the future and, through a series of insightful discussions led by Sheryl, painted the broad and beautiful strokes of the vision of what SCE is poised to become. Next, they identified the attributes most critical to their success, defining what beliefs drove specific behaviors. This is the crucial step to developing vision and values and that most companies miss entirely when they go it alone. Vision and Values are just a bunch of fluff unless and until they connect directly to the company’s value proposition.

After the full-day session, Sheryl worked with her team to develop Core Values that defined the behaviors that reflect the beliefs identified that day.

The client was thrilled with the end result! SCE Owner Tim Brannon said he was “tickled pink”. The entire SCE team was so delighted with Culture Spark’s work that they engaged Sheryl’s monthly retainer program to gain her expertise in implementing and institutionalizing vision, values, and management best practices for SCE. The team is building on the vision and values foundation with meeting structure overhauls, a KPI dashboard, executive planning off-sites, and leadership development initiatives. This is what we call a Culture Spark. What started as a small, one-day project has led SCE to achieve so much more!

That’s our spark, what’s yours?