The Disney Way

Houston, Texas – 1/20/2017

A Case Study

If you have ever been to a Disney theme park you can attest to the self-proclaimed title of happiest place on earth. A Disney vacation is one that delivers every time, at every age. One of the main reasons for this is, Disney as a company gets the customer experience. Every employee goes through an intense customer service training. Even the street sweepers will spend two weeks in training. That may seem silly for a street sweeper, anyone can sweep, but it is not about the street sweeping. The customer service training is all about equipping the employee with the tools to give the guests the best experience possible. Employees are trained in how to be assertively friendly, an effective communicator, to make neatness their business and how to answer the number one question, “where is the restroom?”.

Get a good idea and stay with it.  Dog it, and work at it until it’s done right.

-Walt Disney, Founder of Disney

At most companies, employees are trained in the one main task described in their job description, which sets them up for failure when asked about any other area of the business. At Disney, they take pride in the fact that each and every employee is able to offer assistance to a guest, since the customer experience is every employee’s number one priority. Disney has focused in on the finer details and that’s why they can offer a magical experience every time.

Empowering Through Purpose

Culture Building-Tip

Remember, it is important that your employees truly understand their purpose versus the tasks listed in their job description. They need to see how their one piece fits into the whole puzzle.  It is then that you can empower your employees with genuine authority, giving them the tools to execute within clearly defined boundaries.

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.

-Walt Disney

That’s our spark, what’s yours?