Texas A&M University


8/23/2017 – “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it.  From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.”  That’s how we Aggies describe Aggieland, and great company cultures can be explained much in the same way.  It’s the culmination of a spirit and a history that connects people and makes them feel part of something great.  At A&M, it centers around Tradition- from “Howdy” to “Gig ‘Em”, from the 12th Man to Midnight Yell, from the Fighting Texas Aggie Band to Muster, Taps and E-Walk- to experience these things is to be part of a rich and meaningful history.  Our Aggie Rings connect us wherever we go, all around the world, they are a symbol of the history and heritage we share.  It helps a huge institution feel like family.
Like A&M and other great educational institutions, great culture companies also excel at giving employees a history to connect them.  One Houston-based company’s orientation takes new employees on a citywide tour that starts at the garage apartment where the company was first founded.  Each stop along the way reveals more about the company’s history, its successes and struggles, and how those struggles helped form the strong and successful company it is today.
Culture-Building Tip: Company History
Take the time to document and spotlight your company’s history, it’s story.  Help this history shine with constant repetition of legendary stories, folklore, unique phrases and cheers that showcase your company’s values and reinforce its purpose.  Successfully doing so will help disparate employees connect to its past and each other, and excite them about being part of its future. Just be forewarned that “hump it”, “uncover” and “mug down” are taken!   Go Ags.

That’s our spark, what’s yours?