Take-Off: Igniting NSL Aerospace’s Cultural Renaissance

In the dynamic world of aerospace, where the stakes are sky-high, NSL Aerospace found itself at a crossroads. Despite decades of industry presence, something was missing—something crucial that went beyond the nuts and bolts of their operations. Enter Sheryl Lyons, a dynamo in company culture consulting whose collaboration with NSL transformed the company’s vibe and trajectory. Here’s the inside scoop on how NSL turned things around with Sheryl’s guidance, making their culture not just good but great.

Preflight Checklist: Diagnosing NSL’s Cultural Atmosphere

Picture NSL Aerospace, a titan with over thirty years under its belt, yet with a culture that felt more like a puzzle with missing pieces. The company was performing well enough, but there was a sense of being stuck and longing for more, as NSL’s President, Jim Carney, described. It was a scenario screaming for a makeover, culture-style. Sheryl quickly realized that NSL’s leadership, while stellar in sales and operations, required a crash course in management and accountability. Her prescription? A healthy dose of culture clarification, charting a course everyone in the company rallied behind. 

Flight Path: Shaping a Unified Direction

Sheryl wasted no time getting down to brass tacks. Through a series of interventions—from workshops to leadership development programs—Sheryl engaged every NSL employee in defining who NSL was and how they wanted to show up in the market. It wasn’t just about talking the talk; it was about walking the walk every day in every part of the organization.

Crew Briefing: Engaging the NSL Team in Transformation

The journey was dotted with milestones that felt more like wins. Under Sheryl’s wing, NSL didn’t just navigate through turbulence; it soared above it! The leadership elevated employee morale and solidified loyalty. The company culture underwent an overhaul, aligning daily practices with core values and making NSL a place where people didn’t just work—they thrived. NSL became the poster child for culture as competitive advantage: goals were set, met, and exceeded. Sheryl’s knack for adapting strategies to meet evolving needs played a huge role in keeping NSL agile and resilient. 

Achieving Altitude: NSL’s Cultural Mile-High Moments

Fast forward to today, and NSL Aerospace is not just another company in the aerospace industry. It’s a beacon of how a positive, well-defined company culture contributes to success. Their retention rate now sits at a staggering 91%, and employees consistently rate their satisfaction higher than before the company’s cultural shift. The implementation of leadership accountability, consistent communication, and regular planning allowed the NSL team to define their culture and see unprecedented success. Their revenue hit unprecedented levels, doubling in the three years after NSL’s cultural revolution! Jim attributes this achievement to the practices and discipline Sheryl introduced. Sheryl’s blend of tactical and emotional intelligence reshaped NSL’s internal world and set it on a trajectory of success and unity with the precision of a seasoned pilot.

Cockpit Leadership: Sheryl Lyons’ Integral Role

The partnership between Sheryl and NSL is a testament to what’s possible when you mix expert guidance with a company willing to dive deep and do the work. Sheryl’s role evolved from an external consultant to an integral part of NSL’s journey, showcasing the transformative impact of leadership and cultural refinement. As Jim says, “It is fun and easy to talk to Sheryl. She is a great coach, and you can strategize easily with her. She will not point you in the right direction; she will work with you to help you realize the best path for your team. I enjoy that about her because she helped me grow just as much as my team.”

Sheryl Lyons offers a flight plan for success for businesses teetering on the edge of cultural transformation. Her collaboration with NSL Aerospace is a compelling case study of how understanding, defining, and living your company’s culture and mission can propel you to new heights. In a world where culture is often the difference between good and great, Sheryl’s story with NSL is a powerful reminder of the magic that happens when you get it right.

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