Our Process – Spark


With Spark, clients receive the tactics, tools, direction and support they need to improve in the area of Organizational Fitness.

It is a three phased approach:

Align – clarification of current culture, purpose, values, strategy, goals and roles.

The Align phase includes discovery and assessment of the current culture. At the end of this phase, leaders have clarification of their desired culture stemming from articulated purpose, values, strategy, long-term and short-term goals.

Lead – articulating the components of a culture to rally people toward a common goal.

The Lead phase equips your senior leadership team to embody the desired culture. The team is assessed and assigned specific roles based upon their strengths and the stated goal. Leaders learn how to be a high-performing functional team so they can clearly articulate and reinforce daily the components of culture that rally employees toward a common goal.

Ignite – implementation and measurement of management accountability, process, data, tools, and correction.

Ignite is the execution phase, and includes ongoing implementation of cultural programs, data, disciplines, and tools, measurement, accountability, process, evaluation and correction.

Let’s take a deeper look into Spark


Steven Covey said “Begin with the end in mind.” Many leaders of companies don’t know what they ultimately want from their businesses, they’ve lost their passion, or they have a vision stuck in their heads and can’t seem to understand why nobody else “gets it.” This is why every business needs Alignment. It is the careful discovery and defining of a long-range target that magnetizes a team toward the actions necessary to achieve it. Leaders must be able to articulate and inspire their teams toward that end, and recognize that it is how they treat one another along the way that will become their legacy.


We’ve all heard the truth, “Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” The successful execution of a company’s strategy lives and dies with their leadership. The Lead phase focuses on developing a high performing leadership team that challenges one another, holds one other accountable, encourages and celebrates one another’s growth and success. It ensures everyone understands the ultimate goal, their specific role in achieving that goal, and ensures everyone on the team is rowing the boat in the same direction. It’s turning managers into leaders, and recognizing there’s a big difference.


Businesses need Ignite to ensure successful and sustainable execution of the two previous phases-Align and Lead. Company-specific tools, forms, programs and processes are implemented and monitored to ensure ongoing discipline and team commitment. Ignite includes items like interview tools, performance management processes, team training, communications channels, employee engagement and cultural programs. Ongoing coaching, accountability and adjustment provide security and process for maintaining and continuing on a path of Culture as Competitive Advantage.

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