Reaching Maximum Potential

Houston Texas – 12/12/2016 – Have you ever set a goal that seemed impossible? At first, it seems futile to even try. As leaders, one of our most important roles in our companies is to challenge our teams with what is possible.Read More>>

Living the Southwest Way

Houston Texas – 11/30/2016 – Southwest Airlines is a perfect example of how your company’s purpose won’t resonate with everyone, but it will attract more like-minded customers.Read More>>

Set Goals

Houston Texas – 11/11/2016 – I’m a founding member of a wonderful, closed networking group that’s been together over five years. I remember our first December together we decided to share our goals for the coming year in our formal meeting.Read More>>

Priority Trumped Purpose

Houston Texas – 10/28/2016 – Volkswagen was founded in 1937 on one purpose; it is the “People’s Car”. Recently, the German Car giant made a huge push to sell diesel cars in the US, promoted by a marketing campaign that boasts their cars’ low emissions.Read More>>

Purpose Leads to Success

Houston Texas – 10/17/2016 – With it being annual planning season, be sure to put purpose and vision first on the agenda. When where you’re going is clear, your team becomes magnetized toward the actions necessary to achieve it.Read More>>

What’s in a Name?

Houston Texas – 10/3/2016 – CVS Caremark changed its name to CVS Health in February 2014. To show proof that this change was more than a branding exercise, and to show their commitment to customers’ health, they coupled the announcement with the controversial decision to eliminate tobacco sales.Read More>>

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Culture Spark Successfully Completes First Year.

Houston Texas – 9/17/2016 – What a difference a year makes! One year ago this week, I jumped off of the precipice of a new venture, Culture Spark, not knowing if it would fly or fall flat on its face! One year in, I consider myself eternally blessed by my first year’s experience. Read More>>

Sheryl Lyons Launches New Business – Culture Spark

Houston Business leaders access expertise to deliberately build vibrant workplace cultures.

Houston, Texas – 9/17/2015 – Sheryl Lyons, native Houstonian and experienced business leader, announced the opening of her new consulting business, Culture Spark, LLC at a lunch with friends and family at the Tasting Room on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.Read More>>

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