CEOs, Level Up!

8/28/2018 If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate. – Richard Branson, British entrepreneur Last month, we sent a message about managers working at the right level. This piece serves as an extension to that concept, as I know some CEO’s fall into the same category. When I […]Read More>>

Culture Case Study: Building Morale at ABC

ABC Home and Commercial Services specializes in pest control, pool service, repair and irrigation, lawn and landscaping, HVAC, and even Christmas lights, and they pride themselves on fast and efficient customer service. In late 2016, ABC’s customer service department faced several challenges and struggled to maintain their wonderful customer service reputation.   The department’s challenges were […]Read More>>

Managers, Level Up! Become an Effective Leader

07/15/2018 Are we limiting our success by not mastering the art of delegation? …. it’s simply a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.  – Oprah Winfrey, media mogul Many managers have asked me for tips on time management over the course of my career. It is a common ailment among those who are new to management. While […]Read More>>

N2 Publishing – Curating Culture to Connect Communities

What has made them so successful? According to Duane Hixon, co-founder and CEO of the company, it’s their one of a kind culture. “Our purpose is greater than making money, and that is felt and picked up over time by the people you work alongside,” Hixon says. A document called a Culture Deck can be found on N2’s website. It clearly defines their values, principles, and vision in a way that’s easy to read and comprehend. It tells the world who they are and what matters to their business.Read More>>

Be a Leader, Mea Culpa

I have found that those that make the best leaders, the ones that have the loyalty and respect of their people, are those who will fall on their sword and take the blame.Read More>>

No Office? No Problem. How Virtual Company, BELAY Cultivates the No. 1 Small Company Culture

May 24, 2018 Who would have guessed that a virtual company could be named the No.1 small company in Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures List?  Some may argue that such a team does not even experience culture when they are working online remotely, scattered about the country.  Others may say that their culture is only peaceful […]Read More>>

The Emperor’s New Clothes

5/9/18 Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you. — John Wooden The Emperor’s New Clothes Do you remember the children’s tale by Hans Christian Andersen called the Emperor’s New Clothes? This classic 1837 story tells the tale of 2 tailors who convince the emperor to commission a beautiful suit. […]Read More>>

May Question of the Month

Read More>>

How well do you have a pulse on your employee population?

4/2/2018 April Question of the MonthRead More>>

Clear to Compete

4/9/2018 It is so important for every employee in a company to understand how they compete in the marketplace. What industry problem have you identified and solved? Here’s a true story to illustrate- I was talking with a colleague the other day. His company provides same-day service on projects received by a set cut off […]Read More>>

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