Love as a Business Strategy

6 years ago, my business came very close to complete failure. When I started trying to fix what was wrong, I realized that the biggest reason for our failure was ME. This was the beginning of my personal transformation journey—the beginning of unlearning and relearning leadership, mentorship, and accountability. It was the beginning of my realization that for Softway to thrive, we had to incorporate LOVE into our business strategy.”

– Mohammad F. Anwar

I got the opportunity to meet Mohammad F. Anwar, Founder and CEO of Softway, and co-author of NY Times and WSJ Bestseller Love as a Business Strategy, to discuss his philosophy and the progress he’s made on his journey to bring humanity back to the workplace. 

Mohammad is the future of business leadership today. He’s a humble, self-aware leader that is passionate about sharing his story as an example of what love as a business strategy looks like, hoping to inspire others to follow his lead.

Love as a Business Strategy illustrates how leadership has evolved from command-and-demand to leading with love. It’s an invitation to shed old ways and embrace a more effective approach to leadership. Mohammad and his co-authors present their personal business case as compelling evidence. One of my favorite examples comes from the book’s opening, describing the dark day at Softway when people were laid off. It describes the traditional human resources “best practices” of conducting layoffs that come across as apathetic and unapologetic. As someone who has experienced this uneasiness countless times, the sentiment “this just doesn’t feel right” really resonated with me.

At Culture Spark, we strive to both talk the talk and walk the walk. We strive every day to be an example of exemplary and compassionate leadership. Clear goals and expectations, genuine care and belief in people’s potential, and providing hope that together, all things are possible. Business leaders do not have to choose between people and profit. It’s not either or, it’s and. People and profit are symbiotic, not diametrically opposed. And it all starts with you.

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