Is your company culture a strategic asset that differentiates you from the competition?

At Culture Spark, we understand the power of building a strong and resonant culture for organizational success. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Ignite—a transformative approach designed to help you harness the full potential of your culture as a competitive advantage.

Sheryl Lyons, the driving force behind Culture Spark, has helped numerous organizations create comprehensive and impactful company cultures. As a culture consultant with years of experience, she believes that company culture is not a mysterious force but a collection of tangible components that can be assessed, shaped, and optimized. Through the Ignite program, Sheryl will personally guide you through an invigorating journey of cultural exploration and transformation, ensuring your culture resonates with your entire workforce and positively impacts your company’s performance.

Ignite begins with a deep understanding of your existing culture. Sheryl will break it down into its component parts, allowing you to assess and set goals for each individual element. This strategic approach ensures that every aspect of your culture aligns with your business objectives, creating an environment where employees are engaged, motivated, and fully aligned with your mission.

Throughout the process, Sheryl will provide you with the tactics, tools, direction, and support needed to build and sustain culture as a competitive advantage. From defining core values to implementing effective communication strategies and leadership techniques, Sheryl will empower you to create a thriving culture that differentiates you from your competitors.

But Sheryl’s commitment doesn’t stop there. She will continue to support you on your cultural transformation journey, offering ongoing guidance and support. Her tactical tools and measurement techniques will help you track progress, make data-driven decisions, and continuously refine your culture for optimal results.

Don’t let your company culture be left to chance. Instead, take control and turn it into a strategic asset that fuels your organization’s growth and success. Ignite your culture with Sheryl Lyons and Culture Spark today.

To learn more about Ignite and how Sheryl will guide you through this transformative process, visit our website at We would love to schedule a consultation to discuss how we tailor our approach to your unique needs. Contact us directly at [email protected].

Ignite your culture and ignite your success with Sheryl Lyons and Culture Spark!

That’s our spark, what’s yours?