Happy Father’s Day


June 2017

This June, in honor of Father’s Day, the team members of Culture Spark share how their fathers’ influences have assisted in shaping their personal lives and professional careers.


My Dad was a high school principal, so, from a very young age, I watched him interact with a variety of people. From him, I learned that I should treat everyone equally—no one is greater or lesser than another. I watched him treat everyone, from the janitor at the school, to teachers, to wealthy CEOs who were parents of students at his school, with equal respect. He also demanded that respect be shown to all.From the minute a prospective student walked onto the campus, he made it known that showing respect was as basic as breathing.

This lesson, learned from a young age, has truly helped me to be successful in business. Each person is important to an organization’s success. Regardless if they are the nighttime janitor, the receptionist, a production manager, or the CEO, each of these roles is needed and brings value to the organization. When the people filling those roles all work together harmoniously, there is no limit to what an organization can achieve.


My dad is a wonderful professional role model. Among many other things, he taught me two important career principles- pragmatism and passion.

Pragmatism- Dad taught me through his words and example that a “hobby” doesn’t equal a “profession”. His pragmatic example and advice led me to a profession I love, fulfills my love for performing, and also pay the bills.

Passion- As a career petroleum engineer, now retired, Dad showed an excitement and enthusiasm for his field that fueled his success. Follow your passion, love what you do, and success will surely follow.

That’s our spark, what’s yours?