question_iconI read an awful lot today about company culture. Can focusing on it really bring a competitive advantage?

Company culture is not a trendy fad that is fleeting, it is a recognized formula for business success that has developed in the wings for decades and is now becoming center-stage. If culture change is looked upon as quick fix, it is likely to be unsuccessful. It is not a project, or a flavor of the month, but a way of thinking.

What benefits could I see if I focus my company and my leadership team on deliberately building culture?

With the right team focused and committed to building strong culture, companies who are deliberate about culture enjoy greater employee satisfaction, higher productivity, effective and accountable leadership, better hires and lower turnover. With all of those potential distractions in check, companies are better equipped to meet (and even exceed) their performance and financial goals.

If building culture is so simple, why do I need Culture Spark?

If diet and exercise are so simple, why would you ever need a trainer? Many leaders don’t know what to do, others know exactly what they should do, but still need help in the execution. They need a proven process to follow, expertise to help them when they get stuck or frustrated, and accountability to keep pushing and recognize the progress made. Culture Spark provides these benefits in the capacity of your Culture Trainer, to help keep you motivated, focused and on track.

My company is just a small start-up.  Can Culture Spark help a company of my size develop a strong company culture? 

Absolutely!  Cultures are often strongest when they are deliberately defined early in a company’s lifecycle.  It becomes the foundation by which companies select and hire, strategize and adjust to external factors, while protecting their sense of purpose and allowing that purpose to serve as guide posts for strategy and behavior.  Large companies can also benefit from the same principles; they often have an added challenge of steering a larger ship in a new direction.

Which factors of a company provide the best chances of succeeding in a cultural change? 

Companies will have the best chance of success when they are guided by a top leader who recognizes and desires the advantages of a strong culture.  And, they are secure and self-aware enough to change their own behavior when necessary in order to achieve it!

How does Culture Spark charge for its services?

Companies receive the greatest benefits when they engage Culture Spark on an ongoing monthly recurring basis over an initial 6-month term.  However, components of the Culture Spark process can be implemented on a project basis, or at a daily rate for on-site facilitation.

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