Executive Series: When Company Vision Translates into Employee Action

What if your 10-year vision was understood company-wide?

Jake Davis, a successful serial entrepreneur, started Lance Rental Company because he saw an opportunity to fill a huge need for superb customer service in the highly commoditized equipment rental industry. His vision for Lance was clear in his mind, but he was frustrated it wasn’t translating to employees.  

Culture Spark’s methodology provided the framework to simply and clearly articulate the vision and direction of the company, describe its key differentiators to employees at all levels, and show each employee how their position played an important role in its execution. This clarity magnified both the opportunities and the issues that had been preventing employees from delivering on that promise. 

By providing clarity of how Lance competed, Culture Spark was able to inspire and energize the Lance Team to capture more opportunities in a high volume/high-profit business line: Pumps. 

Lance Rental Company Logo

Sales reps confidently communicated Lance doesn’t compete on price, Lance provides an unparalleled customer experience that pales in comparison to the national equipment rental providers. 

Within 12 months, the Lance Rental Team tripled revenue in their Pumps Division. “Our customers say they’re proud they ‘get’ to work with Lance Rental.” When the company’s desired competitive advantage was made clear, employee behavior immediately shifted to those needed to deliver.

Jake Davis said, “Our challenges weren’t unlike those of other small to mid-sized companies. I needed help communicating my vision for Lance to my employees. Sheryl was able to take the concepts I developed as a business leader and use her tools to effectively communicate that message to my employees. Along with being a quick study, her tremendous common sense and strong business acumen make Sheryl an invaluable asset to any business.”

That’s our spark, what’s yours?