“Based on the experience I had at previous companies, deliberately developing our culture at Element Chemicals became a top priority. I knew we needed to find an expert to guide and lead this effort, and we found the perfect fit with Sheryl. Sheryl has helped us drive our organization forward and ensure we have the proper leaders in place to propel our future growth. You can take Sheryl’s retainer and quadruple it, because that’s what you ought to be paying. She brings so much value that one day you’ll reflect upon your experience and wonder how you accomplished anything without her by your side. She is a true partner.”

Chase Herell, Founder & President

Mission Chemicals

“Sheryl exudes passion and energy, which is contagious. Further, our sessions are a safe space for completely honest discussion. I feel comfortable asking her a wide range of questions, from the most basic things to complex topics. She’s been more than just a resource. She’s been a coach in the true sense of the word – believing in me, encouraging me, pushing me to draw from my own experiences to develop my own solutions, rather than just being prescriptive.”

Laura Zhan, HR Professional

“I started my business, Cake and Confetti, in 2013 and have taken it in several directions over the last 6 years. In December I was at an interesting crossroads- do I outsource to try to scale and grow or am I content where I am? I needed someone that was seasoned and understood my position as a female entrepreneur and mother. Sheryl empowered me to identify my options, navigate the pros and cons of each, and pinpoint the direction that I really want to take Cake and Confetti. With Sheryl’s help, my vision is becoming a reality. I highly recommend Sheryl for anyone looking to make the same transformation.”

Meredith Staggers, Founder

Cake & Confetti

The Perry’s teams holds Sheryl Lyons and Culture Spark in high regard. We initially engaged with Sheryl as an executive coach for one of our director-level leaders whose role was elevated due to our company’s growth. After several coaching sessions with the employee, Sheryl determined that they would not be able to fulfill the expectations of their elevated position and recommended that we pursue new talent. The employee happened to resign, and Sheryl assisted us in recruiting, interviewing, selecting and hiring an excellent candidate to take this employee’s place.
I would recommend Sheryl and Culture Spark to any business leader that values open and honest feedback. Sheryl is thorough, organized and always provides options in every situation.

Derek Pearson, Corporate Controller


“Culture Spark has helped us institute a culture driven by feedback and open communication. Sheryl excels at analyzing the current situation, diagnosing the shortcomings and applying a methodology that leads to positive changes and overall success.”

Nick Johnson, Vice President


“Sheryl has truly made a difference in so many lives and I want you to know it! When she began working with ABC we were not in a very good place. Sheryl has strengthened our original commitment to success, gotten us back on the right track, and shown us how we can all make a difference to the team and come out with a better outlook for the future.”

Norman Nelms, Vice President


“Our challenges weren’t unlike those of other small to mid-sized companies. I needed help communicating my vision for Lance to my employees. Sheryl was able to take the concepts I developed as a business leader and use her tools to effectively communicate that message to my employees. Along with being a quick-study, her tremendous common sense and strong business acumen make Sheryl an invaluable asset to any business.”

Jake Davis, President


“Sheryl’s tremendous business knowledge and experience would be valuable to any business owner. She led us in defining our core values and empowered us to create a strong sense of team spirit and a motivating culture. Any size company would benefit from using Sheryl Lyons and Culture Spark.”

Jing Johnson, President


“Sheryl has a proven track record and delivers a solution that works every time. WilsherCo has benefitted from her pragmatic information and approach in improving our company culture. She communicates in a professional, yet easy manner to ensure that every employee understands the leadership vision.”

Nick Pantazis, President


“Prior to engaging Sheryl and Culture Spark, we interviewed several other companies in our search for an expert to guide us in the creation and implementation of our Leadership Development Program. Ultimately, we selected Sheryl, because she did not offer us an out of the box solution. Sheryl took the time to ask tough questions, understand our vision, and offered a customized plan for us.”

Mike Mosley, Senior Vice President, Eastern Division


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