Culture Case Study: Building Morale at ABC

ABC Home and Commercial Services specializes in pest control, pool service, repair and irrigation, lawn and landscaping, HVAC, and even Christmas lights, and they pride themselves on fast and efficient customer service.

In late 2016, ABC’s customer service department faced several challenges and struggled to maintain their wonderful customer service reputation.   The department’s challenges were impacting morale, so ABC leadership and the Customer Service Manager engaged Sheryl with Culture Spark for one on one management coaching.

Sheryl quickly but thoughtfully assisted the manager in the development of a strategy to move the department forward while boosting employee morale.  “She was able to take what once seemed like an insurmountable project, break it down into actionable steps, and ultimately create a winning solution,” reported Erin Warren, ABC’s Customer Service Manager.  As a result of increased structure, and renewed vision and purpose, the culture of the office improved, as did team performance.

Norman Nelms, ABC’s Vice President for over thirty years, has been very pleased with the transformation that took place as a result of Sheryl’s assistance.  “She has a way with words, people and tact, if you will, that just has a calming effect that enables management to get a better perspective on a particular challenge.  The value of her assistance with our Management Team cannot be measured.”

That’s our spark, what’s yours?