Boston Consulting Group


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) ranked number 10 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2019. They firmly believe this is a reflection of their long-standing commitment to employee satisfaction and investment in career sustainability. “At BCG, we believe that innovation can only thrive in an organizational culture of openness, flexibility, and mutual respect – where all ideas are heard regardless of tenure and where people are supported to pursue a path that’s right for them.” -Global People Chair Matt Krentz on How We Avoid Burnout.

What does this look like on a practical level? BCG developed a global program called PTO (Predictability, Teaming, and Open Communication) that prevents low-value work from consuming high-value personal and professional time. An experienced BCG facilitator helps team members create a detailed roadmap for each project, delineating each employee’s priorities as well as a collectively agreed-upon time-off goal. This process helps team members manage projects efficiently, while also growing their leadership skills and allowing them to connect with clients and colleagues on a deeper level. 

BCG further invests in employee development by conducting semiannual reviews and pairing each team member with a career development advisor who helps them design and execute their individualized development plan. BCG seeks to broaden employee knowledge and expand expertise by offering individual training recommendations and utilizing the Learning at BCG (LAB) portal. Through this customized learning tool, BCG employees have worldwide, 24/7 access to virtual classrooms, specially designed curricula and newsletters from 20+ areas of expertise. In addition to the 1,100 archived recordings, 20-25 new courses are offered each month. BCG also provides financial support for professional education and advanced degrees. In the words of former CEO Carl Stern, “BCG is where the best coming to learn the fastest.” 

In addition to learning and development, flexible work options are another contributing factor to employee satisfaction and career sustainability. At BCG, eligible staff can set up part-time arrangements to reduce weekly hours while still staying on track towards their career goals. They also have the option of taking an extended period of time off. 

“The best thing about being at BCG is that you can define your own development path and experience. The firm offers a wide variety of opportunities to choose from and always supports us to pursue our passions outside of work.” -Ernest Saudjana, Managing Director and Partner, Jakarta 


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