Our Principles

  • Human beings at their core want purpose and belonging.We work hard to discover the deep connection between people and the purpose in their work, because when people are aligned with purpose, you get the most effort from them and help them achieve meaningful satisfaction in their lives.
  • Strong, honest cultures are required to build employee and customer loyalty.
    We all recognize great company cultures when we see them, and any company can enjoy the benefits of strong culture by being deliberate in its development and diligent in its ongoing management.
  • Leaders’ behaviors often get in their own way.Top leadership must be self-aware and humble enough to identify those behaviors that cause dysfunction, and be brave enough to work toward correcting those behaviors.

Company Background

treeCulture Spark was started in 2015 by Sheryl Lyons, after 12 years delivering outsourced human resources services to small and mid-sized entrepreneurial companies. Lyons spent those years helping business owners manage their human resources issues from the most basic to the more complex. In all the disciplinary actions, employee terminations and lawsuits, Lyons realized that these individual employee problems were often symptoms of deep-rooted company cultural issues:

  • Employees were in the wrong positions, or were never a fit for the organization
  • Unclear roles, responsibilities and reporting structures
  • Managers focused more on their power and authority than on developing and serving their direct reports
  • Executive managers giving no clear direction, or changing the focus too frequently for the troops to keep up
  • Executives holding meetings, but lacking accountability, clear directives, and deadlines for them to be effective
  • Managers leading from their gut rather than from real data that showed progress toward a given goal

Lyons found that momentum works both ways- positive and negative- and that positive momentum was much easier to maintain when following a disciplined methodology.

Culture Spark aims to show leaders a better way. Through our process of assessing the current cultural state, then having business leaders articulate the company’s purpose, vision, values, goals and specific roles, leaders can unlock the full potential of their organizations, achieve greater performance, and improve overall employee engagement and satisfaction.

Khalil Gibran in his classic 1923 book, The Prophet, speaks on work, reason and passion, “Love your work, proud of your part in the advancement of the world’s destiny… Cherish both the passion of your heart and the reason of your mind, so that you may be both driven and guided in the pursuit of your dreams.”

The Bible references work, in Paul’s letter to the Colossians, 3:23-24, “Work hard and cheerfully at all you do just as though you were working for the Lord and not merely for your masters, remembering that it is the Lord who is going to pay you, giving you your full portion of all he owns.  He is the one you are really working for.”

“I started Culture Spark to help leaders inspire their people to find purpose and belonging in their work. When people love what they do, their lives are more fulfilling, their companies are more successful, and this world is a better place.”

That’s my spark.  What’s yours?

Your Team

Sheryl Lyons, MBA, CMC, Founder & President

Sheryl Lyons is a business leader, consultant, and certified master coach with a passion for building vibrant workplace cultures that positively impact company performance.

Lyons launched Culture Spark after three years as CEO for a human resources outsourcing firm servicing entrepreneurial businesses in Houston, Texas. Lyons joined at the firm’s inception as an HR Generalist, and worked her way to CEO over ten years. After working with leaders and executives for years to address their problem employee issues from the bottom up, Lyons was driven to find a methodology that would improve work environments from the top down, in such a way that increases employee satisfaction and reduces employee relations issues and turnover.


– MBA from University of Texas McCombs School of Business
– BA in Liberal Arts from Texas A&M University


International Coach Federation, Forbes Coaches Council, Growth Advocates, and a founding member of the Industry Master’s Forum.

For years I have advised on and resolved countless employee issues, and wanted to turn my talents and attention toward reducing, even preventing employee dissatisfaction, by addressing the root causes and most critical cultural issues of the organizations I serve. I love helping leaders inspire their people, and helping employees find both purpose and belonging in their work.



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