Culture Spark 2022 Year in Review: Reflection

Reflection is essential for growth.

In conducting strategic planning for companies and coaching individuals, acknowledging progress and setting new goals has become part of my personal brand. I call this the Reflection – Intention cycle. This month, I am sharing my reflection, Part One: Culture Spark 2022 Year in Review.

This 7th year in business marks Culture Spark’s best-performing year on record, a stark contrast to its lowest point only two short years ago. I asked myself: What contributed to that success, and what lessons do I learn from this to inform future planning?

What contributed to Culture Spark’s success?pause, reflect, act concept

  1. The right client mix. Having the right clients aligned with the purpose and values of Culture Spark made for a deeply impactful and fulfilling year.
  2. Business was referred by people I’ve known for years- direct connections, return clients, and recommendations by a close colleague.
  3. Being willing to experiment brought a refined marketing message and website that resonated with existing clients.


What lessons do I learn from this to inform future planning?

  1. The right client mix is everything. Like many relationships, when it’s right, it just feels right. It is easy to stay motivated. This year was very demanding, and it was very fulfilling when I delivered.
  2. Have faith in the referral network. Nurture it and prioritize feeding existing connections.
  3. Narrow your focus to your most enjoyable type of work. I know this lesson; I teach and help clients implement this principle. This year I lived it myself, and it made me a believer. This principle is evident in the new website. 


Upon this reflection, I make 2022’s Word of the Year Abundance.

I have experienced abundant, meaningful work that has significantly impacted the companies I’ve served. I have abundant clarity in what Culture Spark offers and what it is known for. Mostly, I have an abundance of gratitude for the amazing people that run the companies I work with and the friends that lead me to them. Culture Spark’s refined methodology naturally magnetizes me to business owners who genuinely care about their people. That means I get to work with truly amazing human beings.

This practice of reflection- writing down and acknowledging success is the first step in perpetuating it. Author Terri Marshall wrote it best “The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” My hope is that my personal reflection inspires you to do the same.

And if you are, stay tuned for Part 2 in January- Intention. I will illustrate how reflection informs intention. Happy Holidays and Happy Reflecting!

That’s our spark, what’s yours?