Houston Texas –5/17/2017 When you hear Zappos, company culture is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. While they do sell shoes and other retail goods, it is not what they sell that defines them but how they sell it. Zappos has established a strong company culture based on 10 core values, and fitting into that culture is the most important thing managers look for when it comes to hiring. When you get the company culture piece right, great customer service and a strong brand come naturally.Read More>>

Mother’s Wisdom

Houston Texas – 5/2/2017 At Culture Spark, we challenge our clients to “Ignite, Inspire from Within.” So often that inspiration in our personal lives comes from the important people that surround and guide us as we grow. This May, in honor of Mother’s Day, the team members at Culture Spark are each sharing a piece of wisdom from their moms that has carried them from childhood and into their professional careers.Read More>>

Leadership Behavior

Houston Texas – 5/2/2017 As a leader, be very mindful of your employees’ experience with you. Behave in a way the leader you admire behaves. Recognize that your actions- both the good behaviors and the bad- are being watched carefully by your employees, as you are helping them form their own leadership styles.Read More>>

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