The Ownership Brief

Houston Texas –4/18/2017 The Ritz Carlton is one of the best hotel chains in the world. Not because they have clean rooms, a great mission statement or luxury establishments; that is just in their DNA. Their greatness comes from articulating and executing on their competitive advantage- a proactive approach to customer service.Read More>>

Spring Renewal

Spring is a time of rebirth, a time to shed winter’s ways and make room for warmer weather. Time to open doors and windows and let the fresh air flow through. We look at this threshold from a personal and spiritual sense, as we celebrate Passover and Easter, but also from a business perspective. In business, […]Read More>>

Life Lessons from Lemonade

Houston Texas –4/5/2017 For those of you that are parents, you’ll understand there is nothing quite like seeing the pride and sense of accomplishment in our kids when they achieve. Read More>>

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