Clear Vision

Houston Texas – 2/3/2017 – A dear friend of mine went from a large white collar corporate job to a micro family-run blue collar business a few years ago. She was used to the corporate ritual of setting annual goals for the company and her department, and enjoyed the bonus structure that was transparently tied to the achievement of those goals. The new company was more laid back and did not follow that structure. Read More>>

The Disney Way

Houston Texas – 1/20/2017 – If you have ever been to a Disney theme park you can attest to the self-proclaimed title of happiest place on earth. A Disney vacation is one that delivers every time, at every age.Read More>>

A Telling Limo Ride

Houston Texas – 1/12/2017 – During the hiring process at most companies an office visit is usually one of the final steps in the process. At Google, when candidates are flown in for their office visit they are picked up at the airport in a limousine.Read More>>

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